Month: July 2018

The Secrets of the Dirty, Filthy Rich: Tax & Asset Protection Techniques for the Affluent Family & Business Owners with Jeffrey Verdon / Episode 18

Today’s Cash Flow Wealth Show is all about KEEPING your assets once you’ve aquired them. Sure having lots of money and things is great, but when something goes awry, will you have them afterward? Jeffrey Verdon is the principal of the Jeffrey M. Verdon Law Group in Newport Beach, CA.

Jeffrey takes his time to discuss fixing broken trusts, how to set up trusts properly (and avoid breaking the rules which will anger the IRS), properly setting up life insurance that can grow in worth and increase the amount of assets left to your children, and more. Jeffrey also delves into mitigating your tax burden and explains one of the least used and most effective risk management and tax shelter tool there is in the tax code.


How to Start an Internet Business in 30 Days or Less / Episode 17

Today’s Cash Flow Summit is all about launching your internet business and actually making money with it. Jason Orden and Jeremy Fandsen, founders of Internet Business Mastery, discuss how to identify dozens of ideas to make money online, how to identify which ones will work, how to get free traffic, and how to offer something people are willing to buy.

Inspired to start their internet business because of the consistent “Sunday evening dread”, Jeremy and Jason identify how to find a starving audience, how a simple 3 minute money test will show you if the niche you’re targeting is profitable, and the 3 questions you need answered to figure out the burning problem you can fix.


The #1 Real Estate Investing Strategy for the Next 20 Years with Gene Guarino / Episode 16

Today’s Cash Flow Summit is about the #1 real estate investing strategy for the next 2 decades that will turn your single family home into a cash flow machine, by way of assisted living facilities. Gene Guarino is founder & CEO of RALAcademy and has over 30 years experience in real estate investing and business.

Gene gives out 5 keys to success in choosing a facility that’s part of a $300 billion industry and how to identify Level 3 & 4 facilities that will make you the best profit margin. He also lists out the 10 steps you must do in order to analyze a home’s numbers properly.


Asset Protection Easy as Cake with Rich Dad Advisor Garrett Sutton / Episode 15

Today’s Cash Flow Summit focuses on something that many people don’t think about until it’s too late, asset protection. Garrett Sutton, lawyer and Rich Dad Advisor, discusses how you can protect your home with as little as a $20 filing, how you can protect your money from internal and external threats, avoiding probate, and how to keep your corporate veil secure.