How to Start an Internet Business in 30 Days or Less / Episode 17

Today’s Cash Flow Summit is all about launching your internet business and actually making money with it. Jason Orden and Jeremy Fandsen, founders of Internet Business Mastery, discuss how to identify dozens of ideas to make money online, how to identify which ones will work, how to get free traffic, and how to offer something people are willing to buy.

Inspired to start their internet business because of the consistent “Sunday evening dread”, Jeremy and Jason identify how to find a starving audience, how a simple 3 minute money test will show you if the niche you’re targeting is profitable, and the 3 questions you need answered to figure out the burning problem you can fix.


The #1 Real Estate Investing Strategy for the Next 20 Years with Gene Guarino / Episode 16

Today’s Cash Flow Summit is about the #1 real estate investing strategy for the next 2 decades that will turn your single family home into a cash flow machine, by way of assisted living facilities. Gene Guarino is founder & CEO of RALAcademy and has over 30 years experience in real estate investing and business.

Gene gives out 5 keys to success in choosing a facility that’s part of a $300 billion industry and how to identify Level 3 & 4 facilities that will make you the best profit margin. He also lists out the 10 steps you must do in order to analyze a home’s numbers properly.


Asset Protection Easy as Cake with Rich Dad Advisor Garrett Sutton / Episode 15

Today’s Cash Flow Summit focuses on something that many people don’t think about until it’s too late, asset protection. Garrett Sutton, lawyer and Rich Dad Advisor, discusses how you can protect your home with as little as a $20 filing, how you can protect your money from internal and external threats, avoiding probate, and how to keep your corporate veil secure.


Comments for How to Make Money with an Online Digital Business with David Lovelace / Episode 14

This week’s Cash Flow Wealth Show features David Lovelace from Anik Singal’s VSS Mind & Media. Today’s lesson is all about making money on the internet. Dave discusses how to find your niche, how to source products, and how to stop thinking like a consumer and start thinking like an entrepreneur.

Dave also gives the 9 step forumla for offering a product and the launch sequence, as well as the key to generating traffic and importance of upsells and downsells.


Never Run Out of Money Again with Rich Dad Advisor Darren Weeks / Episode 13

Darren Weeks and Matt Donnelly are here this week to teach you the 5 secrets to raising capital the right way. When it comes to raising money, whoever raises the most capital wins, and once you can start investing with other people’s money, your returns are infinite.

In this episode, Darren tells you the #1 reason he’s been able to to find more the 5,000 investors is by changing their context. Remember, investors are always looking for just one reason not to invest with you, and you’re bringing something to the table that’s different from everything they’ve ever been taught. This week you can learn a pressure free way you can raise capital through an education based sales process.


Works Less, Make More Through Automation with Infusionsoft’s Darin Adams / Episode 12

This week’s speaker is Darin Adams from Infusionsoft. The premise of this episode is simple, there are three things you need to know about small business success, and one of the most important things you need to remember is how you can offer more to the people you’re serving, and how you can automate it. Automation is one of the things you can do in your business that can increase sales, increase customer interactions (and help with reviews and such), and cost you no time at all.

Tools like Infusionsoft can help you learn everything possible about your ideal customer, the biggest database almost always makes the most money, and automation can expedite your path through the 3 steps of selling (which Darin will explain).

And above all, remember, you need to run your business in PASSION mode if you want to really succeed.


Mentors, Cash Flow, & 2-5X Your Business Value with Dale Richards / Episode 11

This week’s speaker is Dale Richards, who is here to teach you how to 2-5X your business. Dale presents the 7 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Business, the 3 ways to value a business, how to fine reoccurring revenue to massively increase your bottom line, and the most valuable thing you can do for your business personnel.

Dale also warns you of the #1 fault of owners, presidents, and officers, as well as how you can avoid falling into that trap. He also explains just what goals your business needs that it likely doesn’t have right now.

Dale specializes in management, marketing, operation optimization & business valuation consulting and is a 20+ year turnaround expert. He has implemented success concepts into results in 150+ companies. Dale is a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA) with NACVA and is a Vistage International National Speaker and CEO-Board Chair in Utah.


7 Secrets to Boost Your Income For the Next 12 Months with Blair Singer / Episode 10

This weeks episode of the Cash Flow Wealth Show features Blair Singer, corporate sales trainer and Rich Dad advisor. Blair’s goal in this episode is simple, to identify the key components you need to have if you’re going to boost your income in the next year. Blair identifies the secret enemy that’s blocking your income, how you succeed as an entrepreneur, what every great business needs, and the importance of a Code of Honor.


Aspire, Acquire, Apply & Your Success Will Happen with Rich Woman’s Kim Kiyosaki / Episode 9

Kim Kiyosaki, co-founder of the Rich Dad Company, is our guest today, discussing the struggles she faced creating her company with husband Robert. But, once Kim realized that nobody was going to come rescue her, she did 2 things that helped her overcome her situation and start succeeding.

Kim talks about the key things in growing your business, including not being able to get there on your own and needing a team. She discusses the idea of precession and the importance of always having goals, always striving to better yourself (and your business).


Sports Crowdfunding with RallyMe’s Bill Kerig / Episode 8

This week’s presenter is RallyMe’s founder Bill Kerig. Bill shows the behind-the-scenes view of starting up a business. He discusses what it took to succeed, what traditional business advice you can throw out a window, and what you have to keep in mind in order to succeed.

RallyMe was created by Bill in order to help sports individuals and teams raise money to have the sporting experience they desire. His proof of concept was none other than sending winter Olympic athletes to Sochi. Once they proved they could do 1 athlete they ended up helping 27 other Olympic athletes who ended up winning 5 medals for Team USA.