Mobile Home Park Investing For Income / Episode 44

Today’s Cash Flow Wealth expert is Andrew Lanoie, founder and CEO at Four Peaks Capital Partners. Andrew wants to educated you about acquiring mobile home communities in order to gain income for your future in an asset that’s decently recession proof. America is in the middle of an affordable housing crisis right now, with most Americans having only about $600 a month for their housing allowance. Learn about why mobile home parks might be for you, and what things you need to look for when considering any investment.


How to Generate Consistent Income Through Real Estate Notes / Episode 43

Today’s Cash Flow Wealth expert is Robert Fraser from Aspen Funds. He’s a big believer in real estate note investing, and wants to teach you the advantages of the investment. The key word to remember is: discounts. Real estate notes can be bought at discounts, giving you higher yields, profits on exit and protection. Owning the note, being the bank, is even better than owning the real estate. Robert explores the benefits of reducing volatility but also gives you some tips on how to hedge your risks when investing in notes.


How to Turn a Single Family Home into a Cash Flow Machine with Gene Guarino / Episode 40

This week’s Cash Flow Wealth expert is Gene Guarino, founder of RAL Academy, who’s here to teach you how to turn a single family home into a residential assisted living center and drastically increase your cash flow every month. Gene answers important questions like why residential assisted living is a good investment, how to figure out where to put your assisted living home, how long it takes to get started, and more. This is perhaps the best real estate investing opportunity for the next 20 years, and the competition is virtually non-existent at the moment. Listen in and see if this is an investment that might be right for you.


How to Get Out of the Rat Race with Ken McElroy & Jamie Fleetwood / Episode 21

Today’s Cash Flow Expert is Rich Dad Advisor Ken McElroy. Ken is here to discuss how you can reconfigure your approach to business/investing/life in a way that improves your quality of life and gets you on track to live the life you truly want. There is an amazing lack of knowledge when it comes to money in today’s society.

Ken discusses the 5 points of every goal (S.M.A.R.T.), why it’s important to know which of the Cash Flow quadrants you’re in, investing to beat inflation, and the 4 components of every household and business. Ken also differentiates between good and bad debt while explaining the two investment philosophies people use.


Never Run Out of Money Again with Rich Dad Advisor Darren Weeks / Episode 13

Darren Weeks and Matt Donnelly are here this week to teach you the 5 secrets to raising capital the right way. When it comes to raising money, whoever raises the most capital wins, and once you can start investing with other people’s money, your returns are infinite.

In this episode, Darren tells you the #1 reason he’s been able to to find more the 5,000 investors is by changing their context. Remember, investors are always looking for just one reason not to invest with you, and you’re bringing something to the table that’s different from everything they’ve ever been taught. This week you can learn a pressure free way you can raise capital through an education based sales process.


7 Secrets to Boost Your Income For the Next 12 Months with Blair Singer / Episode 10

This weeks episode of the Cash Flow Wealth Show features Blair Singer, corporate sales trainer and Rich Dad advisor. Blair’s goal in this episode is simple, to identify the key components you need to have if you’re going to boost your income in the next year. Blair identifies the secret enemy that’s blocking your income, how you succeed as an entrepreneur, what every great business needs, and the importance of a Code of Honor.


Mortgage Cash Flow Strategies with Ben Curtis & Jason Reed / Episode 6

Join Ben Curtis and Jason Reed from People’s Mortgage as they discuss ways to let your mortgage help you with cash flow. The two explore where interest rates come from, six indicators to predict mortgage rate movement, and why housing starts are so important. They also expose the 3 Cs that lenders look at when evaluating you for a loan.

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Getting Out of the Rat Race with Paper Assets with Andy Tanner / Episode 5

Join Andy Tanner, author of 401(k)aos and Stock Market Cash Flow, as he discusses his 4 pillars of investing that will help you on your path to financial freedom.

Want to survive and prosper? Then you’re going to need cash flow. Only amateurs look to make their money through capital gains, real investors know that cash flow is the way.


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Investing In Music Royalties with Jeff Schneider / Episode – 3

In this episode of The Cash Flow Wealth Show, Jeff Schneider goes into detail about how he went from starting his first investments in real estate to becoming the President and CFO of the music-based company Royalty Exchange.

Jeff breaks down how music royalties work and how YOU can use them as an investment! With the recent surge of online music streaming services, Royalty Exchange is disrupting the system and making investing in royalties easier than ever before!

What’s the best way to invest into music royalties? How can you bring in passive income from the music industry?

Listen NOW to find out!

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