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September 20th & 21st, 2018

The Online Financial Event of the Year

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About Us

The Cash Flow Wealth Summit is a one of a kind, 2-day, on-line, event happening September 20th & 21st, 2018. It will feature an elite faculty of 40, high-profile, experts from around the globe, lecturing on a variety of wealth-based topics!Unlike other live events, this virtual summit is available to anyone, anywhere in the world through our award-winning platform that will convey your business and expertise through video. Our guests don’t need to book a flight or make hotel arrangements.

The Cash Flow Wealth Summit was created by in 2015 by Paradigm Life CEO Patrick Donohoe, along with Rich Dad advisers Andy Tanner and Tom Wheelwright. These 3-economic gurus wanted to build a unique, virtual, online experience that helped hard working, men and women build sound financial principles.

Patrick Donohoe

Patrick Donohoe

President & CEO

Paradigm Life

Andy Tanner

Andy Tanner

Rich Dad Advisor on Paper Assets

Tanner Training

Tom Wheelwright

Tom Wheelwright

Chief Tax Nerd


In our inaugural year, we had over 5,000 participants from across the globe sign up to hear from industry leading financial experts. Due to the value our first event provided, many of our first-year attendees retuned for year two and brought their friends with them, resulting in nearly 15,000 participants!

Now in its 4th year, The Cash Flow Wealth Team is expecting our highest attendance numbers ever!


“This session gives great insight on the thought provoking process. Michael and his team take each client through to successful production of a product that truly reflects you and your business! You won’t be disappointed.”

-Marlene Murphy

“This is an extraordinary event. I can't wait to engage tomorrow and return for repeat sessions over the next few months of availability. This is a very fortunate moment and I'm most grateful for the sincere integrity of opportunity for all sponsors and educators. Well done!”

-Dave Deeds

“Thank you for providing great information, and to the Kiyosaki's who keep people engaged in life long learning. The information is trusted, and I do not say that lightly.”

-Laura Bertram

“I am very pleased to attend this years Cash Flow Wealth Summit 2016. I had a blast. Even though I did not get to ALL the recipients to hear their wisdom, I look forward to performing my own due diligence and following up with them. I am thankful to all that worked laboriously to make this a reality. For I'm sure on behalf of the many, you have gave us much to ponder, assimilate and dissect, and thereafter go out to the marketplace and place our stamp of massive value to add unto it ! I know I will.”

-Maurice Trimble

“Overall, I had a good experience on Day 1. I'll definitely be back tomorrow! The content of the presentations was good and I got what I came for....ideas for acquiring cash flowing assets. And with those ideas came resources to further inquire and systems that are already in place to assist in acquiring those assets. Awesome! Thank you for all of your effort.”

-Todd LeFort

“Thank you guys...it was a great experience...almost like the real stuff from comfort of our homes! Well done!”

-Ajith Chandran

“Every Informative and Helpful Step by Step! GREAT INFO!”

-Ryan Bradshaw