How to Go Big in Apartment Investing Without Starting Small with Mark Kenney / Episode 73

Today’s Cash Flow Wealth Expert is Mark Kenney, co-founder of Think Multifamily. Mark is here to discuss why apartment investing is a good thing and how to do it best. He also covers 10 of the critical lessons he’s learned over the years. Without a doubt, Mark believes the best way to achieve financial freedom is through apartment investments.


How to Operate a Rehab & Wholesaling Business with Mike Hambright / Episode 72

Today’s Cash Flow Wealth Expert is Mike Hambright, founder of Mike wants to impress on you the difference between active and passive real estate investing, and how you can arrange your business to take advantage of both forms of investing. You won’t succeed if you treat real estate investing like a hobby rather than a business. Mike will explain to you how to buy wholesale properties, when to assign properties and when to take ownership of them, as well as when to rehab and flip or rehab and keep.


How to Write, Market & Publish Your Best Selling Book with Naresh Vissa / Episode 71

Today’s Cash Flow Wealth Expert is Naresh Vissa, founder of Krish Media & Marketing. Naresh is an expert in digital media marketing and explains how The death of traditional book publishing has led to the demise of gate keepers and more opportunities than ever for the average person. Listen in as Naresh explains how publishing a book will market you forever, as well as the 5 elements to 21st century book publishing


Where the Wealthy Store Their Cash with Pat Donohoe / Episode 70

Today’s Cash Flow Wealth Expert is Pat Donohoe, President and CEO of Paradigm Life. Pat is here to explain how leverage and debt can be your best friends, but only if you use them properly and get the right KIND of debt. Banking is no longer the safe haven that it used to be, and if you’re not using debt in your investments you’re falling behind.


4 Great Threats That Could Cause Our Economic System to Break Down with Richard Duncan / Episode 68

Today’s Cash Flow Wealth expert is Richard Duncan, founder of MacroWatch and author of The Dollar Crisis: Causes, Consequences, Cures that predicted the global economic disaster with extraordinary accuracy. Richard takes today’s time to discuss why economic textbooks can no longer explain real world scenarios, and how you can view things in a way that does. Government spending has gone from 4% of GDP to 21% of GDP, citizen’s credit debt has gone from $1 trillion to $66 trillion in the last half century, so how much longer can it go on?

Richard answers these questions, as well as some frequently asked questions, so you can be wary of the 4 great threats.


Tax Free Wealth with Tom Wheelwright / Episode 66

Today’s Cash Flow Wealth expert is Tom Wheelwright, founder of WealthAbility. Tom is here today to discuss the quickest way to put more money in your pocket: reduce your taxes.

Tom explains ways in which you can permanently reduce your taxes by 10-40% in a mere 90 days. Money is made in 4 ways. 2 ways are punished, 2 ways are rewarded. The best way to figure out what’s rewarded and what’s punished is to simply look at the tax law. The government is telling you how to save money on taxes, so become a “Super Tax Payer” as quickly as possible.


Book in a Box with Tucker Max / Episode 65

Today’s Cash Flow Wealth expert is Tucker Max, founder of Book in a Box, about how you can write a book WITHOUT writing a book. Tucker explains how Book in a Box differs from ghost writing, and why targeting a niche will likely do you worlds more good than going broad.

Tucker also explains the necessary steps to take BEFORE the book is even written in order to make sure it’s done correctly, as well as why it’s critical you have a book in your industry.


Investing in Paper with Andy Tanner & Pat Donohoe / Episode 63

Today’s Cash Flow Wealth experts are Andy Tanner and Pat Donohoe, creators of the Cash Flow Wealth Summit. These two spend the time explaining why you can’t slam any single asset class. Every asset class has its uses and its own way of making money. To denigrate one completely shows a lack of financial maturity. Paper is frequently looked down upon, but Andy points out, paper is a symbol of an agreement, of the VALUE of any product we agree that it does.


A New Way to Invest in Real Estate with Cris Chico / Episode 62

Today’s Cash Flow Wealth expert is Cris Chico, founder of Virtual Wholesaling. Cris is here to teach you how to flip houses you’ve never seen, with owners you’ve never met, to buyers you’ll also never meet, with no real estate experience. Listen in and hear his 3 secrets to learn his business model.


Buy & Hold vs Flipping: Maximizing Value Regardless with Matt Atkinson / Episode 61

Today’s Cash Flow Wealth expert is Matt Atkinson, founder and CEO of MJA Real Consulting, who wants to discuss maximizing the value of your assets whether you’re flipping or holding your real estate.

Matt will teach you the crucial 2 questions you have to ask when presented with an investment opportunity, as well as the mindset you need to have when looking to improve your property.