Getting Out of the Rat Race with Paper Assets with Andy Tanner / Episode 5

Join Andy Tanner, author of 401(k)aos and Stock Market Cash Flow, as he discusses his 4 pillars of investing that will help you on your path to financial freedom.

Want to survive and prosper? Then you’re going to need cash flow. Only amateurs look to make their money through capital gains, real investors know that cash flow is the way.


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Investing In Music Royalties with Jeff Schneider / Episode – 3

In this episode of The Cash Flow Wealth Show, Jeff Schneider goes into detail about how he went from starting his first investments in real estate to becoming the President and CFO of the music-based company Royalty Exchange.

Jeff breaks down how music royalties work and how YOU can use them as an investment! With the recent surge of online music streaming services, Royalty Exchange is disrupting the system and making investing in royalties easier than ever before!

What’s the best way to invest into music royalties? How can you bring in passive income from the music industry?

Listen NOW to find out!

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