Personal Development

Aspire, Acquire, Apply & Your Success Will Happen with Rich Woman’s Kim Kiyosaki / Episode 9

Kim Kiyosaki, co-founder of the Rich Dad Company, is our guest today, discussing the struggles she faced creating her company with husband Robert. But, once Kim realized that nobody was going to come rescue her, she did 2 things that helped her overcome her situation and start succeeding.

Kim talks about the key things in growing your business, including not being able to get there on your own and needing a team. She discusses the idea of precession and the importance of always having goals, always striving to better yourself (and your business).


Craig Ballantyne, Daily Domination Formula / Episode – 1

Craig Ballantyne, author of The Perfect Day Formula: How to Own the Day and Control Your Life talks to you about dominating every, single, day! Craig shows you daily steps to build wealth, overcome distractions and focus on the things that truly matter in YOUR life. Craig explains the “5-Rules” you need to follow to have the “Perfect Day”.

How can you overcome ANY problem in only 2-solutions? How can you conquer the chaos of life? How can you properly separate work and home life?

Listen NOW to find out!

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