Real Estate

Asset Protection Easy as Cake with Rich Dad Advisor Garrett Sutton / Episode 15

Today’s Cash Flow Summit focuses on something that many people don’t think about until it’s too late, asset protection. Garrett Sutton, lawyer and Rich Dad Advisor, discusses how you can protect your home with as little as a $20 filing, how you can protect your money from internal and external threats, avoiding probate, and how to keep your corporate veil secure.


Crowdfunding Your Real Estate with Ben Miller / Episode 7

Pat Donohoe joins Ben Miller from FundRise to discuss how to include crowfunding in your real estate portfolio. Ben discusses how his company allows smaller investors get involved in many different projects to still get 12%+ returns.

Ben and Pat discuss how FundRise differs from REITs, how they structure their investments to protect their investors as much as possible, and where the entire idea came from.



Mortgage Cash Flow Strategies with Ben Curtis & Jason Reed / Episode 6

Join Ben Curtis and Jason Reed from People’s Mortgage as they discuss ways to let your mortgage help you with cash flow. The two explore where interest rates come from, six indicators to predict mortgage rate movement, and why housing starts are so important. They also expose the 3 Cs that lenders look at when evaluating you for a loan.

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Andrew Lanoie, The 5 Ps of Real Estate Investing / Episode 4

Andrew Lanoie from Real Asset Academy is today’s presenter, and his speech from the 2015 Cash Flow Summit takes a very deep look into real estate investing. Andrew covers his 5 Ps of real estate investing, what he looks for in a market, where he DOESN’T invest, the importance of meetups and more.

Andrew also brings you a way to set up your real estate team to prime you for success in investing. It doesn’t matter how good your plan is if you don’t have the right people to implement it with you.